what to expect

at Promise Life Chapel

a church you call home

  • ENVIRONMENT Located on the entire second floor of the brand new multi-million dollar Wellington Community Center, our team at Promise Life will greet you with a smile as we lead you upstairs to enjoy a hot cup of coffee, or refreshment before entering the warm and inviting large space where we hope to provide you with a dynamic worship and teaching experience.


  • WORSHIP Our worship style is non denominational with contemporary Christian music with a wide range of song selection of different genres.  No matter your age, music preference, worship style, or background, we believe our worship will have something for everyone to enjoy and where you will feel the presence of God.


  • TEACHINGS Our live teaching featuring our lead pastor, Frank Toral, will be dynamic, relevant, and practical.   As a lawyer for 25 years, a husband and father of two children, Pastor Frank will deliver a refreshingly authentic message that will appeal to all people from all walks of life and especially families, business professionals, and leaders.  The message will be passionate and will bring hope and encouragement to help all people realize their God-given destiny.

living the promise life

At Promise Life Chapel, our mission is to
‘proclaim the Good News of God’s promises empowering all people to realize their God-given destiny.’

There is a unique destiny for your life. We believe that God’s promises will empower you to realize that special purpose for which you were created. No matter your past or your present circumstances, God desires to meet you where you are today. He wants to bless you, give you hope and help you develop your unique talents and passions so that you can live a wide-open spacious Promise Life.

Leading a Promise Life will help you lead a life of significance and your life will be a blessing to others.

The Good News of God’s promises is that following Jesus will ultimately lead to the fulfillment of your entire